Wencon Repair Kit No. 3

Wencon Repair Kit No. 3
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Wencon Repair Kit No. 3 is a medium kit for fast repairs of leaking pipes and tanks, cool er end covers, pump casings, seawater filters, exhaust system leaks, general corrosion protection and building up surfaces, and much more.

The Wencon Repair Kit No. 3 is supplied in a strong plywood box suitable for shipping and storage on board.

Key technical data
Wencon Rapid, ( 8 x 125g )1 x 1 kg
Wencon Coating, White1 x 0,5 kg
Wencon Coating, Blue1 x 0,5 kg
Wencon Hi-Temp, Green1 x 1 kg
Wencon Putty, 8 x 125g1 kg
Wencon Pipe Tape 5 Unit, 5cm x 150cm1 box
Wencon Exhaust Repair Kit, 2 x 250g1 box
Wencon Bio Cleaner0,75 L
Wencon Release Agent1 x 50 g
Wencon Reinforcement Tape, 5cm x 10m2 x 10 m
Wencon User Manual1 pcs