Wencon Repair Kit No. 1

Wencon Repair Kit No. 1
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Wencon Repair Kit No. 1 is the largest kit for fast repairs of leaking pipes and tanks, cooler end covers, pump casings, seawater filters, exhaust system leaks, general corrosion protection, and building-up surfaces, and much more.

The Wencon Repair Kit No. 1 is supplied in a strong plywood box suitable for shipping and storage on board.

Key technical data
Wencon Cream1 x 1 kg
Wencon Rapid1 x 1 kg
Wencon Rapid (8x125g)1 x 1 kg
Wencon Coating, White2 x 0,5 kg
Wencon Coating, Blue2 x 0,5 kg
Wencon Hi-Temp, Yellow1 x 0,5 kg
Wencon Hi-Temp, Green1 x 0,5 kg
Wencon Putty, (8 x 125g)1 x 1 kg
Wencon Pipe Tape, 5 Units 5cm x 150 cm1 box
Wencon Pipe Tape, 4 Unit, 5 cm x 350 cm1 box
Wencon Exhaust Repair Kit, 2 x 250g1 box
Wencon UW Cream1 x 0,5 kg
Wencon UW Coating, orange1 x 0,5 kg
Wencon Bio Cleaner3 x 0,75 L
Wencon Release Agent1 x 50 g
Wencon Reinforcement Tape, 5cm x 10 m3 x 10 m
Wencon Application Tools1 box
Wencon User Manual1 pcs