Wencon Putty

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Wencon Putty

Wencon Putty is a very quick curing, two component, epoxy compound supplied in a practical stick format, which is easy to use.
This multipurpose epoxy paste is ideal for a wide range of emergency repairs where an ultra-quick curing and moldable compound is required. Typical applications are patching sealing and filling of cracks, leakages and holes in pipes, on flanges, in tanks etc.

  • Cures in 10-20 minutes
  • Simple apply procedure with cut and knead
  • Patches and seals cracks, leakages and holes
  • Strong adhesion to all metal surfaces
  • Fully machinable
Key technical data
Max temperature+60- +250°C (140 - 199°F)
Mixing ratio vol.-
Apply withhand/spatula
Potlife at 20°C3-6 min. mixed in small amounts
Curing time10-20 min.
Specific volume500 cm3 / kg
Dielectric strengthN/A


Product numberProduct nameIMPA no.ISSA no.
No. 1040Wencon Putty 8x125g (8x0,28 lb)81234275.553.40
No. 1042Wencon Putty 4x125g (4x0,28 lb)812329N/A