Wencon UW Coating

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Wencon UW Coating

Wencon UW Coating is two-component solvent free liquid coating, for protection against corrosion and bi-metallic corrosion, erosion as well as impingement. The coating can be applied under water.

Wencon UW (underwater) Coating is a two component product, to be applied on wet surfaces or under water. The UW Coating is ideal for repair of ballast- and cooling pipes, combined with interchanging layers of Wencon reinforcement tape. Excellent for repair jobs which, due to high humidity, have to be done in wet conditions.

Typical applications are coatings of steel surfaces rebuilt with Wencon UW Cream, and coatings under water – like ships hulls and/or other submerged structures, tanks, pipes etc. Examples of repairs under extreme conditions could be: On-site repair of sea-water filter housings, unable to achieve a dry surface and coating of scratched painting on hulls in splash-zones and under water.

  • Can be applied on wet surfaces or under water
  • Cures under water and on wet surfaces
  • Efficient double coat system
  • Long pot-life under water
  • Strong adhesion to all metal and GRE surfaces
Key technical data
Max temperature +60- +160°C (140 - 320° F)
Consistency fluid
Mixing ratio vol. 1:2
Apply with spatula/brush
Potlife at 20°C 25-35 min. mixed in small amounts
Curing time 10-18 hours
Machineability yes


Product number Product name IMPA no. ISSA no.
No. 1035 Wencon UW Coating orange, 0,5 kg (1,1lb) unit 812336 75.553.92
No. 1036 Wencon UW Coating brown, 0,5 kg (1,1lb) unit 812327 N/A