Wencon Docking Kit Extended

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Wencon Docking Kit Extended

Wencon Docking Kit Extended is made to perform preventive maintenance, corrosion protection, and repair of worn-out equipment, while the vessel is in Dock. Ideally, the vessel receives the docking kit on board, in advance of docking, and is therefore able to begin maintenance, without delay. The extended kit is designed for use where larger quantities are needed.

Wencon Docking Kit Extended is a unique Repair Kit for use when the vessel is docking. The Kit is ideal suited for harsh environments, where high wear and high abrasion resistan- ce is needed. Where to use Docking Kit Extended WENCON Docking Kit Extended is suitable - but not limited - for repair jobs in areas with harsh environ- ments, including:

  • Thruster Gear Housing
  • Thruster Tunnel
  • Propeller Nozzle
  • Seawater Filters
  • Scrubbers Outlet
  • Pumps

Eliminate replacement of spareparts The Docking Kit Extended includes all compounds and coatings required
to complete a WENCON repair job, eliminating the need for replacement of spareparts.

Key technical data
Wencon Ceramic Cream9 x 0,5 kg
Wencon Ceramic Coating, Light Grey21 x 0,5 kg
Wencon Ceramic Coating, Light Green21 x 0,5 kg
Wencon Bio Cleaner9 x 0,75 L
Wencon Release Agent2 x 50 g
Wencon User Manual1 pcs