Lighting control

Lighting control

Automatic lamp ignition

Ballast power reduction

Ballast power supplies for metal halide lamps

Ballasts for hpl/hpi lamps

Ballasts for son/mh lamps

Ballasts for sox lamps

Dimming ballasts for son lamps

Electronic power supplies

Hid hot restrike igniters

High power ballasts for son/mh/hpl/hpi lamps

High voltage igniters

High-frequency power supply for metal halide short and long arc

Horticulture ballasts for son lamps

Hot restrike igniter for xenon lamps

Hot restrike igniter for xenon lamps

Hot restrike ignitor

Hot restrike ignitor for high intensity discharge lamps

Instant restrike ignitor

Metal halide ballast and hot restrike igniters

Metal halide lamp electronic ballast

Parallel ignitors

Rectifier power supplies for short arc xenon lamps

Semi-parallel ignitors

Series ignitors

Symmetrical hot restrike systems

Xenon rectifiers and igniters

Lighting control system

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