Scope of supply of Korean parts


Answer co., ltd. Heat exchanger

A-tech co. Air winch & motor

Bando marine co., ltd. Yacht

Baram intec co., ltd. Air conditioning system

Bctc (bc taechang ind.corp) Combo pump 202 - high pressure blasting machine

B-i industrial co., ltd. Fire & gas detection system

Bip industries co., ltd. Wall & ceiling panel / cabin & bathroom unit

Bmt Cryogenic valves: ball (up to 14 in.); dbb (up to 4 in.); globe (up to 14 in.); and needle (up to 1-1/2 in.) Types

BN Bip Materials for Ship Accommodation

BN Cosmo Materials for Ship Accommodation

BN Steela Steel

Bomyung metal co., ltd. Copper & copper nickel pipe

Bumhan industries co., ltd. Marine air compressor

Busung flange co., ltd. Welding neck flanges.

By controls, inc. Watertight sliding door

Cartec sealing technologies co., ltd. Insulation gasket kit cmge, cge, cmge-fs, cmht

Cephas pipelines corp. Rubberlined butterfly valve

Changwon environment industry co., ltd Sewage treatment plant (electrolysis type)

Chk co., ltd Junction box

Da heung eng. Co., ltd. General valve ( ks / jis / ansi )

Dae sung industry co. Exh. Gas pipe

Dae-a tech Rosebox

Daechang solution co., ltd. Main bearing support

Daechun industrial co., ltd. Stainless steel seamless/seam-welded tube

Daedong entec co., ltd. Pressure vessel : customized by asme \"u\" \"s\", nb mark

Daeha co., ltd. Hlt (heavy lifting technology)

Daehwa technical co., ltd. Painting pipe support & seat

Daehyup spray co., ltd. Spray insulation system(daehyup spray s)

Daehyup tech co.,ltd Self leveling

Daejung co., ltd. Monolon rope

Daejung special steel co., ltd. Forged steel bar

Daekyung co., ltd. Chain block 0.5-50.0 ton

Daemmstoff-industrie korea ltd. Kvm sealing compound

Dae-rim machinery co., ltd. Cryogenic double wall tank

Daesung cmp co., ltd. Composite rebar

Daewon heavy industries co., ltd. Deck machinery

Daewon industrial co., ltd. Lashing bridge

Daeyang electric co., ltd. Lighting for shipbuilding

Daeyang instrument co., ltd. Temperature sensor 2. Pressure sensor

Daeyong hitech co., ltd. Reducing piece

Daom metal corp. Sus flange / sus ring plate / lng sus plate / sus sleeve

Deug ju steel co., ltd. Laser cutting

Dh metal co., ltd. Forged flange

Dhp engineering co., ltd. Plate heat exchanger

Djf co., ltd. Standard & non-standard flange

Dk-lok corporation Fittings

Dnp co., ltd. Fire and gas damper : fire integrity a0 and a60 class

Dolim precision Cross head

Dong sung high tech Damper

Dong yang g.t.s co. Spiral wound gaskets

Dong-a valve ind. Co. Gate valves

Dongbang ship machinery co., ltd. Pipe spool

Donghun enterprise co. Valve

Donghwa entec co., ltd. Lng regasification / reliquefaction system

Donghwa pneutec co., ltd. Piston compressor (for engine starting, topping-up, etc..)


Dongil shipyard co., ltd. Ship building / ship repairing

Dong-in eng co., ltd. Rotary friction electric water heater

Dongnam korea co., ltd. Seamless pipe & coil tube

Dongnam marine crane co., ltd. Marine cranes

Dongyang hydtec co., ltd. Rudder & propeller truck - 100ton, 150ton, 200ton, 250ton, 300ton

Dsb engineering co., ltd. Free fall lifeboat

Dsk co., ltd. Repair service ( engine / hull )

Dsr corp. Supermax

Duyoung industrial machinery co., ltd. Gas jet

Elscom inc. Ex de distribution board

Emerson process management marine solutions co., ltd. Valve remote control system

Emsystec High-voltage main switch board

Friend co., ltd. Exhaust valve spindle

G&s precision ind co., ltd. Mushroom vent[round & square type]

Gastron co., ltd. Fixed gas sampling & detection system

Geo maek shot & paint co., ltd. Various crane of ship

Georim engineering co., ltd. 15ppm bilge separator(oily bilge separator)

Gorio pump & marine co., ltd. Fresh water & sea water pump (ghc)

Gs hightecher co., ltd. Air vent head

Hae sung industry co. Gas pipe 8. Door/hatch

Haedong metal co., ltd. Sacrificial anode (zn-anode, al-anode)

Haeduk powerway co., ltd. Rudder blade (rudder body)

Haewon ind. Co., ltd. Copper & copper-nickel pipe, fitting, flange(1/2~3)

Haewon industries company Heavy item

Haeyang metal co., ltd. Propeller

Halla industrail co., ltd. Non seal canned motor pumps

Han kook flexible co. Metallic flexible hose

Hangook machinery., ltd. Centrifugal pump

Hankuk miboo co., ltd. Spiral duct

Hanla ims co., ltd. Ballast water treatment system

Hanmaum kg. Co., ltd. Air cooler housing

Hanmi hydraulic co., ltd. Alpha lubrication system

Hanshin electronics co., ltd. Navigation & communication

Hawers co., ltd. Pneumatic

Hdm tech Cctv

Hds tech co., ltd. Pipe spool piece

Heartman co., ltd. Fuel injection valve assy for diesel engine.

Heriana co., ltd. Anemometer / anemoscope

Heung jin t&d co., ltd. Bloak loader

Hez co., ltd. Repairing & commissioning for marine crane

Hme co., ltd. Low voltage switchboard

Hnec co., ltd. Independent tank with module unit

Hodu co., ltd. Laboratory equipment & furniture

Hong ick engineering co., ltd. Steel grating

Hoseung ent. Co., ltd. Sewage treatment system

Hsd engine co., ltd. Low speed diesel engines

Hunger hydraulics korea ltd. Special coated hydraulic cylinder, n/w-line tensioner system

Hwajin enterprise co., ltd. Low speed diesel engine unit & aux. Boiler gauge board

Hwajin pf co., ltd. Elbow

Hwashinbolt ind. Co., ltd Hexagon bolt&nut,ptfe coating (a193-b7/b8m, a453-660, uns s32750/s32760)

Hy-lok corporation Tube fittings

Hyosung entec co., ltd. Plate heat exchanger

Hyowon hm Forged brass cap nut cap nut for fastening ship manhole cover

Hyundae fitting co., ltd. Standard flanges

Hyundai hydraulic co., ltd. Turning roller

Hyunjin materials co., ltd Crankshaft

Ien hanchang co., ltd. Power substation transformer

Il seung co., ltd. Sewage treatment plant

Ilhung co., ltd. Mig/mag welding torch

Isevacon co., ltd. Multi supporting system (raised floor, support for duct, pipe, cable tray)

Jaeyou industry co., ltd. (jis,ansi,din)globe & angle & gate valve

Jeitek co., ltd. Accommodation total solution galley&laundry equipment, cold chamber for submarine, public space interior

Jeong woo coupling co., ltd. Mjg (grip type coupling, 15~400a)

Jeonghwa accommodation system co., ltd. Wooden furniture (bed,wardrobe,desk ...)

Jeongwoo machinery co., ltd. Lift riser

Jeonjin entech co., ltd. Pressure vessel

Jin gu engineering co. Rudder & rudder stock

JINFLEX composite hoses

Jinkwang electric co., ltd. Automatic bus transfer

Jinwoo industrial inc Coupling

Jinyoung metal co., ltd. Stainless steel tube

Jke co., ltd. Switch board

Jmc hydraulics Hydraulic motor

Jmp corporation Sea water pumps

Johnson controls international korea, inc. Intergen system

Jonghap machinery co., ltd. Panel fabrication line

Jonghap polestar engineering co., ltd. Valve spindle & seat

Jonghap precision co., ltd. Piston crown(head) for ships engine

Jung gong ind. Co., ltd. Window

Jung-a marine co., ltd. Accommodation ladder

Jungsan enterprise co., ltd. Stud bolt & nut

Jung-woo ene co., ltd. Double wall pipe

K.c. Ltd. I.c.c.p. (impressed current cathodic protection) system

Kangjin ind. Co. Hose handling crane parts

Kangrim heavy industries co., ltd. Marine boilers (cylindrical/two drum(d type) boilers)

Kangrim insulation co., ltd. Lng(membrane) cargo tank insulation

Keysung metal co., ltd. Ball, gate, globe, check valves

Khan co., ltd. Electrical substation

Kme co., ltd. Electric heating cables (maker: thermon)

Koc electric co., ltd. Transformer h/v, l/v

Korea filter co., ltd. Bwaf150 (bwms)

Korea hydraulic co. Hydraulic tools

Korea steel shapes co., ltd. Billet

Korval co., ltd. Cryogenic valve

Kosco co., ltd. Life saving appliance and fire fighting apparatus

Kphe corporation Lube oil cooler

Krosys inc. Fresh water generator

Ksb seil co., ltd. Valve remote control system

Ksp co., ltd. Exhaust valve spindle & valve seat for 2-stroke engine

Ksv (korea special valve)co., ltd. Valve spindle & valve seat (exhaust, intake)

Kte co., ltd. High & low voltage switchboard

Ktmi co., ltd. Emergency towing system

Kukdong elecom co., ltd. Led lighting

Kukdong ind. Cooling water pump

Kum kang sa co., ltd. Paint spray hose (kksa goldflex)

Kumkang co., ltd. Air reservoir

Kwang jin engineering co., ltd. Pipe spool

Kwang jin tech Manufacturing items

Kwangjin ind. Co., ltd. Oil heater / aux. Condenser

Kwanglim marine tech co., ltd. Weathertight / watertight steel door (a-0 / a-60)

Kwangsan co., ltd. Air vent head (size:50a~500a)

Kwangwoon co., ltd. Window

Kyeongwon bending co. Side shell line heating

Kyungsung industry co., ltd. Sus corner & anchor strip

La-tech co., ltd. Automation control cabinet based on plc

Lhe co., ltd. Gasked plate & frame heat exchanger(gphe)

M.t. Korea co., ltd. Marine & offshore business

Man energy solutions., ltd. Diesel engine

Marine radio co., ltd. Public address & general alarm system

Marine technical engineering co., ltd. 15ppm bilge separator

Marsen co., ltd. Cargo level/temp./press. Monitoring system

Mastek heavy industries co., ltd. Ship building & repair/conversion

Mcm co., ltd. Impeller

Mj tsr co., ltd. Expansion seal of cargo tank dome(lpg, lng) / rubber sheet & gasket / conveyor belt

Modern intech co., ltd. Fire retardant curtains

Mr tech co., ltd. Pipe clamps, shoes, u-bolts and various pads for cryogenic, high temp/pressure pipelines for lng ships and offshore platforms

Mt.h control valves co., ltd. Cryogenic pilot operated safety relief valve

Mytec co., ltd. Gas cooler & vessels for lng bog reliquefaction system

Namyang machinery metal co., ltd. Sounding head

Navutec co., ltd. Helicopter facility foam fire fighting appliance

Nk co., ltd. Nk-o3 blueballast system

Oriental precision & engineering co., ltd. Jib cranes (hose handling, provision, knuckle jib and telescopic crane)

Oriental precision machinery co., ltd. Life boat and davit

Orion ind co., ltd. Sop-tex : general deck composition

Oscg co., ltd. Cable gland

Oscona co., ltd. Auto exchanger telephone system & public addressor system,c/a, clock,etc

Paco hitec co., ltd. Hydraulic hose assembly(flexible hose) (abs, bv, ccs, dnv, gl, lr, kr, nk)

Panasia co., ltd. Ballast water treatment system

Pi plus co., ltd. Shaft

Pleiger far east llc. Electro-hydro actuator(ehs) - self-contained vrcs

Pms co., ltd. Tube sheet

Poong jin metal co., ltd. Emergency shut-off valve & control box

Ra in ho co., ltd. Shiplift system & transfer system

S&w corporation Valve spindle, valve seat ring

Sam jeon metal co., ltd. Bolt / nut (fasteners)

Sam jung machinery Shaft

Sam young flange ind. Co., ltd. Welding neck flange

Samboo metal co., ltd. Hydraulic nut (propeller , pintle , stock , tiller)

Sambu ind. Co., ltd. Windlass

Samgong co., ltd. Ships windows

Samjoo eng. Co., ltd. Galley equipment

Samkang m&t co., ltd. Hull and topsides of fixed and floating production units for offshore oil & gas facilities

Samkun century co., ltd. Ballast water treatment system

Samsung industry co., ltd. Metallic gasket (rtj, kammprofile, ring)

Samsung nonferrous metal co., ltd. Copper alloy casting

Samwoo mcp co., ltd. Lng carrier

Samwoo product. Painting drone parts

Samyang metal, ltd. Copper and copper-nickel fittings

Samyoung fitting co., ltd. Forged fitting

Samyung enc co., ltd. Maritime communication and navigational equipment; such as gps chart plotters, ais, gmdss, marine radar, nvhf, ssb radios, etc.

Sangrim co., ltd. Water separator louver

Scana korea hydraulic., ltd. Hydraulic actuator (double-single acting)

Sebo tech co., ltd. Helideck solutions

Sechang marine & equipment co., ltd. Support

Sejin bolt co., ltd. Bolt/nut(fastener)

Sejin technical industries co., ltd. Accommodation interior

Seun steel Hot rolled steel

Seung hyup machinery Nc lathe

Seungjin co., ltd. Steel spool piece

Seyang high-tech co., ltd. Water / oil strainer(fc, ss400)

She co., ltd. Main & emcy switchboard

Shilla e&t co., ltd. Water chiller

Shin heung eng. Co. Curtain

Shin heung precision co., ltd. Centrifuge oil cleaner

Shin myung tech co., ltd. Mooring winch

Shin shin heavy industries co., ltd. Hydraulic equipment

Shin shin machinery co., ltd. Cooling f.w. & s.w. Pump(centrifugal)

Shindong digitech co., ltd. Control console

Shinhwa intech co., ltd. Wooden furniture

Shinkwang ace electric co., ltd. Cable tray system

Shinwoo metal co., ltd. Flanges

Silla metal co., ltd. Fixed pitch propeller

Sindo ind. Co., ltd. Lsf-ii hover craft

Sinheung f&s co., ltd. Flange - ansi/asme, jis, din, awwa and special flange

Sinheung flange Slip-on flanges

Sinho industrial machinery co., ltd. Shot blast equipment

Sinweol grating co., ltd. Steel grating

Sinwon micron co., ltd. Nozzle

Snf Cold chamber

Soung jin steel co., ltd. Coupling / pipe joint / fitting

Specs corporation Oil mist detection (omd) system

Staco co., ltd. Wall panel

Stauff korea ltd. Act clamp & general, custom-designed clamp

Suh heung engineering co., ltd. Steel grating

Suhhan industry co., ltd. Cable tray (ladder & solid bottom & perforated type)

Sunbo industries co., ltd. Lng fuel gas supply system

Sung chang co., ltd. Compressed high temp - pressure joint sheet

Sung il co., ltd.(sim) Shop fabricated piping

Sung-il encare co., ltd. Double wall pipe for gas engine

Sungkwang machinery Hydro forming press

Sungmi co., ltd. Door

Sungwon enterprise co., ltd. Piping unit, deck unit, package module unit & skid for special purpose

Sunil instrument co., ltd. Lng sampling system

Sunjin osl co., ltd. Name plates

Tae kwang industries Heat exchanger

Taehwa industry(thi refrigeration) Chillers & refrigeration packages

Taehwa kalpa seal co., ltd. Compressed non-asbestos joint sheet & gasket

Taejin heavy industry co., ltd. Pipe piece spool (sus/copper/cu-ni/duplex)

Taekwang plantech co., ltd. Welded pipe

Taewoong co., ltd. Propeller shaft

Taeyoung metal co., ltd. Valve

Tanktech co., ltd. Non-leakage high velocity p/v valve(tank venting device)

Tech flower co., ltd. Marine crane

Tk corporation Butt weld pipe fittings

Tmc co., ltd. Flat membrane sheet

Total soft bank ltd. Casp (computer automated stowage planning)

T-tube Seamless stainless steel tube & pipe

Unitekno co., ltd. Valves

Wfn co., ltd. Standard & non-standard flange

Winhibend co., ltd. Elbow

Withus emt Recycling automation facility for waste incinerator

Wonkwang valve co., ltd. Marine & plants valve

Wooshin apec co., ltd. Led light

Woosung l & t co., ltd. Laser cutting and processing

Woosung p&f Pump

Woosung valve Dual plate check valve

World ocean co., ltd. Fibre rope

Y.c.p co., ltd. Cylinder tubes for automobiles

Yeonil engineering co., ltd. Electric line heater

Yesung ind. Co., ltd. Metal photo

Ynv co., ltd. Safety relief valve

Yoowon industries ltd. Steering gear(ram type, rotary vane type, piston type)

Yoowon m-tech co., ltd. Steering gear ( rudder carrier and tiller)

Yooyoun co., ltd. Steam trap

Youngshin bend co., ltd. Wrought steel butt-welding fittings(carbon)

Younhap fasteners co., ltd. Special bolt

Yspe co., ltd. Air compreesor

Yujincometal co., ltd. Stud bolt