3 way valves

3/2 way solenoid valves

316l stainless steel flanges

Above-ground fire hydrants

Above-ground hydrants

Abs fittings

Abs flanges

Accessories for swing check valves

Accessories for valves

Actuated 3 way valves

Actuated angle seat valves

Actuated ball valves

Actuated butterfly valves

Actuated diaphragm valves

Actuated globe valves

Actuated hygienic valves

Actuated knife gate valves

Actuated pinch valves

Actuators and accessories

Aggressive chemicals valves

Agricultural gate valves

Agricultural knife gate valves

Air and drain traps

Air preparation

Air valves

Airline adaptors

Aluminum brass tubes


Angle seat & diaphragm control valves

Ansi valve

API Angle Valve

API Ball Valve

API Butterfly Valve

API Check Valve

API Gate Valve

API Globe Valve

API Hose Valve

API Marine Valve

API SDNR Angle Valve

API SDNR Globe Valve

API Storm Valve

API Strainer

Atex actuated valves

Atex actuators & accessories

Atex instrumentation

Atex manual valves

Atex rated pilot solenoids

Atex solenoid valves

Atex, exia, exd approved temperature switches

Atex/exd approved pressure switches

Ball check valves

Ball float steam traps

Ball float valves

Ball valves

Banjo mount for pistons & valves

Basket strainers

Bellows & expansion joints

Bellows sealed globe valves

Bends & elbows

Bi-directional valves

Biogas & slurry knife gate valves

Blind plugs, connectors, fittings with prk and screw couplings

Brass adaptors and pipe fittings

Brass ball valves

Brass compression fittings

Brass construction

Brass fittings

Brass flared fittings

Brass normally closed valves

Brass normally open valves

Brass solenoid valves

Brass up to 120 bar rated

Brass up to 50 bar rated

Bray resilient seat butterfly valves

Bsi 5200 adaptors: bspp, bspt, npt, metric

Butterfly valves

Bypass blow valves

Cable plugs

Carbon steel ball valves

Cast & ductile iron ball valves

Cast iron

Centric butterfly valves with fixed liner

Centric butterfly valves with grooved ends

Centric butterfly valves with loose liner

Check valves

Class 800 strainers

Clean steam prv

Clean steam valves

Cloth Type Gasket



Compression pipe fittings

Condensate recovery pumps

Connection angle valves

Control & instrumentation

Control valve accessories

Control valves

Conversion adaptors

Copper nickel fittings

Copper nickel tubes

Copper solder fittings

Copper tubes

Couplings & adaptors

Cyclone separators for steam and air


Damper valves

Diaphram control valves

DIN 2353 compression fittings

DIN Angle Valve

DIN Ball Valve

DIN Butterfly Valve

DIN Check Valve

DIN Expansion Joint

DIN Foot Valve

DIN Gate Valve

DIN Globe Valve

DIN Hydrant Valve

DIN Marine Valve

DIN Mud Box

DIN SDNR Angle Valve

DIN SDNR Globe Valve

DIN Storm Valve

DIN Strainer

DIN valves

Direct acting pressure reducing valve

Direct acting valves

Dismantling joints, cast iron

Double eccentric butterfly valves

Double eccentric valves

Double offset butterfly valves


Dry barrel fire hydrants

Economy actuated angle seat piston valves

Economy actuated ball valves

Economy actuated butterfly valves

Economy actuated knife gate valves

Economy actuated valves

Economy angle seat valves

Economy knife gate valves

Economy manual valves

Economy solenoid valves


Electric 3 way ball valves

Electric actuated ball valves

Electric actuated butterfly valves

Electric actuated knife gate valves

Electric actuated valves

Electric actuators

Electric ball valves

Electric butterfly valves

Electric pressure switches and transmitters

Electronic temperature switches and transmitters

Extension spindle, telescopic

Extension spindles

Extraction check valve

Fabricated couplings

Fabricated dismantling joints

Fabricated flange adaptors

Fire safe valves

Flange adaptors

Flanged check valves

Flanged gate valves prepared for actuator

Flanged gate valves with pneumatic actuator

Flanged gate valves, bs- 20 standard

Flanged gate valves, dn450-600

Flanged gate valves, long DIN f5

Flanged gate valves, long DIN f5

Flanged gate valves, long DIN f5 and bs

Flanged gate valves, prepared for actuator

Flanged gate valves, resilient seated, dn450-600

Flanged gate valves, short DIN f4

Flanged gate valves, short DIN f4, enamel

Flanged globe valves

Flanged pinch valves

Flanged sight glass

Flanged strainers

Flanges & gaskets

Flanges in ansi, DIN, and JIS standards

Flex couplings

Flow controllers

Flow indicators

Flow meters

Flow sensors

Flow switches and transmitters

Forged steel flanges


Free float steam traps

Full lift pressure relief

Gas approved ball valves

Gas approved butterfly valves

Gas approved gate valves

Gas approved solenoid valves

Gas approved valves

Gaskets DIN pn 10

Gaskets DIN pn 10/16

Gaskets DIN pn 16

Gaskets JIS 10k

Gaskets JIS 16k

Gaskets JIS 5k

Gate valves


Gate valves

Gate valves with grooved ends

Gate valves with pe end/flange

Gate valves with pe ends

Gate valves with socket ends

Gate valves with spigot ends

Gate valves with spigot/flange ends

Gate valves with steel spigot ends

Gate valves with tyton ends

Gauge accessories


GB Butterfly Valve

GB Check Valve

GB Gate Valve

GB Hydrant Valve

GB Marine Cocks

GB Marine Valve

GB Pressure Reduced Valve

GB Quick Closing Valve

GB Safety Valve

GB Sea Suction Valve

GB Self-Closing Drain Valve

GB Stop Check Valve

GB Stop Valve

GB Storm Valve

GB Valve Chest,Valve Group

Gemu pvc relief valves

General purpose (stainless) valves

General purpose pressure relief valves

General purpose prv valves

General purpose solenoid valves

Globe control valves

Graphite Sheet Gasket

Grip couplings



Hazardous areas valves

High pressure solenoid valves

High temperature check valves

High temperature gate valves

High temperature globe valves

High temperature solenoid valves

High temperature steam

High-temperature waste water heat exchanger

Hose tails & bayonets

Hose tails & end caps


House connections

Hvac valves

Hydraulic check valves

Hydro fast dedicated encapsulated collars

Hydro smart dedicated encapsulation collars

Hydro stop universal encapsulation collars

Hygienic butterfly valves

Hygienic check valves

Hygienic diaphragm valves

Hygienic fittings

Hygienic pinch valves

Hygienic relief valves

Hygienic sight glass

Hygienic strainers

Hygienic valves & fittings

Imperial x threaded valves

Industrial diaphragm valves

JIS Marine Valve

JIS valve


Knife gate valves

Level controllers

Level indicators

Level sensors

Level switches

Level transmitters

Liquid prv

Lock release valves

Malleable iron fittings

Manifold bank and blocks

Manifold mount solenoids

Manual actuation

Manual valves

Marine Air Vent Head

Marine Angle Valve

Marine Ball Valve

Marine Butterfly Valve

Marine Check Valve

Marine Cocks

Marine Expansion Joint

Marine Foot Valve

Marine Gate Valve

Marine Globe Valve

Marine Hose Valve

Marine Mud Box

Marine Quick Closing Valve

Marine Rose Box

Marine SDNR Angle Valve

Marine SDNR Globe Valve

Marine Self Closing Valve

Marine Ship's Deck Stand

Marine Sight Glass

Marine SounDINg Head


Marine Storm Valve

Marine Strainer

Mechanical pressure switches

Mechanical valves

Metal fittings

Metal Gaskets

Metric valves

Metric x threaded valves

Micro and limit switches

Mounting kit for micro switch

Multi-purpose control valves and high-precision control valves for steam with a pressure reducing valve as the base

Namur mount for ball valves

Namur mount pilot valves

Needle control valves

Needle valves

Nipples & sockets

Normally closed assisted lift (0 bar rated)

Normally closed direct acting

Normally closed servo-assisted

Normally open assisted lift (0 bar rated)

Normally open servo-assisted

Nozzle check valves


Pilot solenoid valves

Pilot valve manifolds

Pilot-operated pressure reducing valve

Pipe & accessories

Plastic - pvc, abs valves

Plastic ball valves

Plastic check valves

Plastic diaphragm valves

Plastic solenoid valves

Plugs, caps & bushes

Pneumatic 3 way ball valves

Pneumatic 3 way globe valves

Pneumatic actuated valves

Pneumatic actuators

Pneumatic and solenoid valves

Pneumatic angle seat valves

Pneumatic ball valves

Pneumatic butterfly valves

Pneumatic components

Pneumatic diaphragm valves

Pneumatic fittings

Pneumatic knife gate valves

Polymer fittings

Positioners & control heads

Post indicators

Pp/pvdf direct acting

Pressure gauges and indicators

Pressure greater than 120 bar

Pressure reducing valves for steam and air

Pressure transmitters

Pre-wired cable plugs

Process valves

PTFE-based Gaskets

Pvc / aggressive fluid valves

Pvc direct acting valves

Pvc fittings

Pvc servo-assisted

Quick traps

Reducing cones

Regulating / balancing valves

Repair clamps

Repair clamps and collars

Repico copulings

Resilient seat butterfly valves

Rubber lined valves

Rubber-based Gaskets

Sae j1453 orfs o-ring face fittings

Sae j514/jic flared 37 fittings

Sae j516 hose fittings

Safety relief valves

Sample valves

Sanitary / hygienic

Screwed check valves

Screwed gate valves

Screwed globe valves

Screwed pinch valves

Screwed sight glass

Screwed strainers

Sdnr globe valves

Seal kits

Seat valves

Self acting control regulators

Semi Metallic and Spiral Wound Gaskets

Series 20, flanged gate valves, long DIN f5, enamel

Service connection angle valves

Service connection valves

Service connection valves with pe ends

Service connection valves, brass

Service connection valves, ductile iron


Sight glass

Silencers, tube & accessories

Silent check valves

Single door swing check valves

Single pilot valves

Slip-on, weld neck, blind, bulkhead, manifold covers, marpol flanges


Solenoid valve accessories

Solenoid valves

Special purpose & industry specific

Speciality control valves

Stainless steel ball valves

Stainless steel butterfly valves

Stainless steel construction

Stainless steel fittings

Stainless steel normally closed

Stainless steel normally open

Stainless steel repair clamp

Stainless steel solenoid valves

Stainless steel tubes

Steam condensing heat exchanger

Steam control valves

Steam extraction check valves

Steam prv (pressure reducing valves)

Steam traps

Steam valves

Steel flanges

Steel tubes

Stem caps/transitions

Stirrup for tapping saddles

Stst up to 120 bar rated

Stst up to 50 bar rated

Support bushes

Surface boxes

Surface boxes, floating

Surface boxes, universal

Surplussing valves for steam

Swing check valves


Synthetic surface boxes

Tapping saddle heads

Tapping saddles

Tees & crosses

Temperature gauges

Temperature gauges & indicators

Temperature gauges and indicators

Temperature sensors

Thermodynamic steam traps

Thermostatic steam traps

Threaded (bsp)

Threaded valves

Tilting & duo plate check valves

Tilting disc check valves

Tilting disc, resilient seat check valve

Tilting disc, slanted metal seat check valve



Transition couplings

Triple eccentric valves

Tube clamps

Underground fire hydrants

Underground hydrants

Unions, nuts & accessories

Vacuum gauges

Valve islands & fieldbus

V-sector control valves

Wet barrel fire hydrants

Wras approved actuated

Wras approved gate valves

Wras approved solenoid valves

Wras approved valves

Wras ball valves

Wras butterfly valves

Wras check valves

Wras gate valves

Wras pressure reducing valves



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