Deck Machinery and Spare Parts



Deck Machinery and Spare Parts


Aft anchor winches

Air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systems

Anchor handling and towing winches

Anchor handling cranes

Anchor handling vessels deck machinery

Anchor launch and recovery system

Anchor windlass and mooring winches

Anchor windlass/mooring winches


Automated cargo fastening system

Auxiliary system

Auxiliary winches

Boat transfer system

Cable traction control unit

Capstan winches


Cargo securing systems

Cast steel cleats (open/closed)

Centering device

Chain and wire fairleads for rigs

Chain guides

Chain jack

Chain lifter changer and storage rack

Chain or wire fairlead

Chain stopper

Chain stopper for rigs


Deck mounted chocks

Deflector handling system and storage system

Drum winches for rigs

Dry bulk tank system

Elliptical yoke manways

Escort winches - electrical

Escort winches - hydraulic

Fishing vessels deck machinery

Flat bollards

Floating production storage & offloading unit

Four roller fair leads

Hydraulics, winches, windless and cargo handling systems

Iso 13733 4 roller multi-angle fairlead

Iso 13733 8 roller multi angle-fairlead

Iso 13773 7 roller multi angle-fairlead

Jis f 2026 4 roller multi-angle fairlead

Launch and recovery systems for rov

Lifting and handling equipment

Marine anchoring accessories

Marine capstan

Marine crane

Marine davit & lifeboat

Marine electronics, radio, navigation and communications

Marine horncleats for mooring applications

Marine mooring accessories

Marine spooling machine

Marine steering gear

Marine winch

Marine windlass

Merchant vessels deck machinery

Modular anchor and mooring winches

Module handling towers

Mooring winches

Mounted chocks

Movable windlass

Net drum winches

Net sounder winches

Panama chocks

Pennant winder and spooling sheave

Platform supply vessel deck machinery

Pumps, compressors, generators and motors

Purifiers, separators, filtration systems and strainers

Purse seine winches

Push barge bollards

Rigs deck machinery

Riser management system

Rope tensioner

Safe hose operating system

Safer deck operations – sdo

Safer hose operation system

Safer pennant receiver

Secondary and storage winches

Seismic spread management

Seismic vessels deck machinery

Shark jaws

Skid and hatch systems

Source handling and storage system

Special handling winches

Spm chain stoppers

Spooling devices

Stern rollers

Stop pins

Storage winches

Streamers handling and storage system

Subsea auv launch and recovery system

Subsea construction vessels deck machinery

Sweep line winches

Synchro rtx control system

Towcon winch control system

Towing pins

Towing winches

Traction winches for rigs

Trawl winches

Tug vessels deck machinery

Tugger winches

Tugger winches and positioning winches

Vertical capstans

Warping rollers

Winch control cabins for rigs

Windlass and mooring winch

Windlasses for rigs