Auxiliary Equipment and Spare Parts


Auxiliary Equipment and Spare Part

Marine auxiliary equipment and spare parts

Marine auxiliary equipment is essential in ensuring the required performance of a vessel, its controllability and creating conditions for comfortable accommodation of its crew and passengers. Quality and reliable equipment is a pledge for successful efficient activities.

Auxiliary equipment supplied by our company has approvals for major ship classes, including ABS, BV, CCS, DNV-GL, KR, LR, NK, RINA.

Lucas Marine supplies all brands and types of spare parts for marine vessels and offshore platforms throughout the world, marine equipment and integrated systems for shipbuilding and ship repairs, focusing attention on deck equipment and propulsive sets.

We supply components and spare parts for water ballast receipt and removal systems, a fire fighting system, a system of drying of vessel compartments of water accumulated in them, a system of provision of passengers and crew with drinking and washing water, a waste and contaminated water disposal system, a system to maintain necessary parameters (conditions) of air on premises.

The company Lucas Marine offers a wide range of auxiliary equipment and spare parts for service and repair from leading manufacturers.

The products have a high margin of safety, is reliable in use, have all necessary certificates and permits. You can always order spare parts from us for all types of auxiliary equipment:

  • hydraulic machines and fans
  • general ship systems
  • components and spare parts of the steering gear
  • deck machinery: mooring capstan, anchor windlass,  winches (hoisting, boat, fishing, towing, etc.), ship  cranes, cargo hatch covers components
  • fresh water generators
  • equipment to prevent pollution of the sea

Marine air compressors

Air compressors are one of the most important types of equipment used on vessels of all types. They are necessary to provide the vessel with compressed air of various pressure and flow.

Marine compressors are classified by the principle of operation, degree of pressure rise, use, design features, type of driving machinery.

Lucas Marine supplies a wide line of compressors from foreign and domestic manufacturers. We offer compressors of various principles of operation, design features, characteristics and use:

  • Rotary vane compressor
  • Reciprocating, centrifugal, Rotary screw, axial compressors
  • Driven from an electric motor, diesel motor, from main motor
  • Single-Stage, Two-Stage, Multi-Stage
  • To blow through and boost Main Engine, to control anti-list systems, to operate an automatic system, emergency, and to fill aqualungs compressors

LucasMarine offers spare parts to compressors of various manufacturers. It is possible to supply non-original spare parts that by their operational characteristics are not worse than original ones. We will supply control and measuring instruments, repair kits, filters and filtering elements.

Marine boilers and burners

The use of marine boilers has led to an upheaval in shipping industry and facilitated its intense development. Lucas Marine offers a range of boilers of various capacities, use, and design:

  • Water-tube, fire-tube, combined boilers
  • Main and auxiliary boilers
  • With natural and forced water circulation
  • With natural and forced draft
  • Low-, medium-, and high-pressure

Lucas Marine ’s line of supplies includes burners for steam generators, oil and water-heating boilers.

The operation of an entire vessel depends on the operation of a marine boiler. Since marine boilers contact water and steam, they are subject to corrosion and require timely efficient maintenance, for replacement of a boiler is a costly and labor-consuming job. Therefore it is extremely important for maintenance to use quality spare parts. We offer quality and reliable spare parts at a reasonable price to check out and repair marine boilers and burners.

Marine valves

In the modern world any vessel is not just a means to transport people and freight. A modern ship is a most complex organism consisting of a huge number of interrelated systems. Pipeline and check valves are required for uninterrupted correct operation of these systems. Each vessel is filled with such device from stern to bow. The greater the vessel, the more pipe assemblies, pumping equipment and tanks there are on it that cannot function without valves cutting off flows of various fluids.

Lucas Marine  is a global supplier servicing the markets for marine transport, oil / gas, power engineering, industrial flow control, and hydraulic power engineering.

We have all the required standards and types: DIN, JIS, ANSI, Butterfly.

The Lucas Marine  company offers a great range of vessel valves and spare parts from various manufacturers.

Marine valves must be thoroughly selected and have necessary technical characteristics taking into account, among other things, aggressive impact of water, especially sea water, and aggressive nature of liquid cargoes being transported. If valves are unreliable or selected incorrectly, they will deteriorate quickly, and an emergency can occur on the vessel with most deplorable consequences. Marine

valves and spare parts offered by us meet the requirements of workmanship, reliability, and have long guarantee periods.

Marine pumps

Marine pumps are used to pump liquids and gases. The quantity of pumps and their characteristics depend on the sizes and uses of vessels.

Lucas Marine  offers a wide line of marine, general, and special pumps, as well as ship power plant pumps and spare parts. In our product line there are water, fuel, oil, condensate, and air pumps, self-contained and outboard pumps:

Marine pumps:

  • Ballast
  • Drain
  • Fire
  • Dewatering
  • Sanitary

Special pumps:

  • Heeling and trimming
  • Cargo
  • Cleaning
  • Washing

Pumps of main and auxiliary mechanisms:

  • Atomizing
  • Fuel transfer
  • Boiler house feeding
  • Boiler house circulating
  • Booster
  • Condensate air
  • Condensate
  • Vacuum
  • Drainage
  • Circulating (sea- and fresh-water)
  • Cooling fuel and oil
  • Lube oil pumps
  • Oil transfer
  • Adjustable pitch propeller pumps
  • Distilling

Pumps, being essentially hydraulic machines, are an important and necessary component of marine equipment. They service systems ensuring their normal operation. The reliability and economic efficiency of the entire mechanical equipment, as well as ship survivability depend on their operation. Marine pumps and spare parts supplied by Lucas Marine meet all criteria and requirements to auxiliary equipment of vessels.

Marine sea and drinking water hydrophores

Water supply to amenity services onboard a ship consists of a group of systems ensuring housekeeping, every day, and sanitary needs with fresh and sea water. According to the sanitary rules and regulatory documentation, every vessel should be furnished with a reserve of fresh and washing water. To maintain permanent pressure in the system, a hydrophore is used, a hermetically closed tank filled with water and compressed air. A hydrophore system evenly distributes water from the source to the end consumption point.

Lucas Marine supplies hydrophores, hydrophore systems and spare parts from various manufacturers. Hydrophores made of various materials are supplied assembled, in horizontal and vertical designs.

Options of additional equipment for hydrophore systems include tanks, automatic control switches, pressure gages, all necessary valves, manifold, and pipelines.

The configuration of a hydrophore system can be customized.

The loss of pressure or insufficient pressure in a fresh water reserve system onboard is unpleasant and reduces efficiency of operation. This even can cause serious problems for galley equipment or industrial instruments. The use of the right hydrophore system and availability of spare parts will prevent such undesirable situations.

Marine incinerator

The operation of a vessel generates solid waste, oil-containing mixtures, and fuel sludge – waste of fuel and oil separators of the machine room that for the sake of environmental safety require disposal immediately onboard according to IMO rules. They are burned in furnaces called incinerators. Thus, almost any waste can be utilized, except metal and glass. Extremely relevant are incinerators on long- distance vessels, when it is impossible to dispatch waste to port services. Lucas Marine offer incinerators with the following performance characteristics:

  • Range of capacities from 100.000 to 1.000.000 kcal/hour
  • Continuous supply of waste is possible
  • Solid waste and sediment can be burned simultaneously
  • Low consumption of diesel fuel
  • A convenient monitor with a touchscreen in several languages
  • Automatic control
  • Easy installation
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Reliable and simple in operation

Automated thermal processing of shipboard waste makes it possible to process all refuse ad reduces its final mass. The remains are sterile and safe.

Oily water separator

Oily water is a mixture of water with heavy organic fuels (including diesel), lubrication oil, oil for hydraulic systems, detergents, additives to oils, soot, and sludge. Oily water discharge with content of admixtures over 15 ppm into open sea and critical water bodies is strictly forbidden by international law and punished by high penalties. In some waters oily water discharge is prohibited downright. In accordance with the rules of the Convention all vessels must be furnished with tanks to collect oil- containing products or equipped with their own system of oily water treatment.

Oily water separators and spare parts for them offered by Lucas Marine can be used on board such vessels as chemical, oil, and product carrier tankers, passenger vessels and ferries, operating boats, marine servicing vessels, cruise ships, superyachts and fast ships. Their designs embody unique solutions enabling compliance with the established standards:

  • Multistage separation system
  • There are no high-speed moving components, which enhances wear-resistance of the installation
  • There are no delicate membranes
  • Low power demand
  • No back flushing is required
  • Simple automatic control
  • Simple installation and servicing

Our installations are used to purify water to the required international standard of oil content 15 ppm (parts per million) before discharge overboard and to maintain clean marine environment, facilitating life preservation in all global oceans and seas.

Marine sewage treatment facilities

Water drained from toilets, shower cabins, sinks, laundry room, and galley grievously damage marine environment. Organic contaminants and nutrients can disrupt the balance of local ecosystems at a point of discharge and thereby endanger the aquatic flora and fauna.

Operating in special areas, it is extremely important for passenger vessels to correspond to the highest quality of drained water in accordance with resolution IMO MEPC.227(64), including nitrogen and phosphorus removal.

If vessels do not comply with these rules, they can encounter high penalties and penalties demanded by local authorities.

You can order reliable, efficient installations for treatment of drained water of various throughputs and principles of operation, and spare parts to them from the Lucas Marine  company.

Onboard filtration of drinking water

An onboard drinking water system must be self-sufficient and not related to other water systems. Water is stored in special containers treated on the inside with a protective coating. The containers are equipped with heaters and covered in insulation to prevent freezing.

Filtration sets are required to clean fresh water in accordance with the standards. The systems offered by us are assigned for the following uses:

  • Marine
  • Platform
  • Offshore

They correspond to classes ABS, BV, CCS, DNV-GL, LR and NK.

Along with the systems the Lucas Marine  company supplies spare parts and expendables for filtration of drinking water onboard.

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